Want to look up the owner of a domain name?

Warren Rodrigues

Most registered domain names have publicly accessible information about the registration. This includes the registered owner's name, address, phone number and email address.

This is called the WHOIS information of a domain. WHOIS data usually includes the following contact information for a domain name:

  • Registrant Contact
  • Admin Contact
  • Tech Contact
  • Billing Contact

WHOIS information also contains the following information:

  • Registrar's details
  • Registrar's WHOIS server address
  • Abuse contact details
  • Domain status (Active, Expired, etc.)
  • Created Date and Expiry Date
  • Name Servers

This information can be used to verify that your domain has been registered and renewed. It can also be used to contact the registrar to report abuse of a particular domain name.

Since ICANN basically oversees the internet, it is probably best to look up WHOIS information on their own website first - whois.icann.org

However, they don't support WHOIS for some TLDs, including ccTLDs. In this case, you can use the registry's WHOIS lookup. For example, the .IN registry's WHOIS lookup is located here - registry.in/WHOIS

Or you can use a registrar's WHOIS tool, like ours, which is here. This tool looks up WHOIS information for various TLDs from many different registrars.

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