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Hi! I'm Warren Rodrigues, and I own and operate Warrenasia - based in Mapusa, Goa. I started designing and developing websites as a freelancer in 1999, when the tech world was going crazy about the Y2K bug. Computers were supposed to crash and the world was supposed to end, but it didn't.

Anyway, back then, other web design firms concentrated on volume and profits; their philosophy being - "The client knows nothing." And this was true in a small place like Goa, where technology, computers and the internet were just creeping in. This meant most Goan websites looked horrible, with the worst UI and UX imaginable! A lot of the government websites still maintain this 90s format; probably for nostalgic reasons.

As an obsessive perfectionist, I realised that I had to do something about this. I can't bear to see even a single pixel out of place; and these were very-unaligned sites, full of spelling errors and disproportionately stretched images.

Fresh out of college in May-2005, I started Warrenasia, with a mission to set the benchmark for quality web services in India. This included providing our clients with a range of website development options - from basic single-page websites to highly-customized websites, depending on your requirements and budget. We also provide state-of-the-art web hosting, hassle-free domain registration and professional photography.

And now, many years later, QUALITY is still our core principle. We love what we do and this love for technology keeps us constantly updated with what's new.

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I have been working with Warren and the rest of the team since 2005 and I can honestly say that it has been a delight, extremely fruitful, and wonderfully fulfilling. I frequently recommend them to my friends all over the world! Thanks guys!
Chris Nelson
London, UK / Goa, India
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