Data Recovery

Backing up your important data on multiple hard disks is always a good idea.

And if you haven't backed up your data, we can try and help you recover it from your crashed disk. Data loss can occur due to logical or physical issues.

Logical issues

This includes accidental file deletion and drive formatting. Data is mostly recoverable from these issues, as long as the disk is brought to us immediately, without writing anything further to the disk. We have successfully recovered data from Hard Disks, Memory Cards and USB drives.

Our service fee for these recoveries start from INR 3,000. We provide a more accurate quotation after we inspect the disk and verify the symptoms.

To start the process, fill this form and give us all the relevant details.


Physical issues

This includes disks that have fallen or disks that make clicking / whirring sounds. Depending on the exact issue, we inform you of the chances of recovery and the cost. Some disks with physical issues can be partially recovered without exposing the platters. However, if the disk needs to be opened, this has to be done in a dust-free environment, often referred to as a clean room. If the data is mission-critical, you must send the disk to a certified clean room recovery center in Bangalore or Bombay. The data recovery fees for such recoveries start from INR 35,000.

Data recovery is a complex and time-consuming process. If you can re-create the lost files easily or you can live without them, it is wiser to do that.

If not, start the process by filling this form and giving us all the relevant details.


Backup! Backup! Backup!


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